New Year, New Sharable Writer’s Goals?

A new year means new resolutions, right? What happened to last year’s resolutions? Hopefully you achieved them. Or maybe, last year you thought them up, let them sit and stew for the year, and 2014 is the year to put them in motion. Probably not, sadly. So why the heck are resolutions so easy to make and so hard to keep?


Consider this: habits are hard to break. Most resolutions set out to break an existing habit or, to create a new habit (which is just as hard to do). You wouldn’t jump into the ocean if you didn’t know how to swim, right? You’d get into the baby pool first, learn the techniques and start at the beginning. It’s a process; a slow-trek called progress. 


So let’s not make resolutions, let’s make some goals. These are easy, attainable goals. Pin them, share them, save them to your desktop or print them out and stick them on your wall. I don’t blame you if you need an in-your-face reminder. I do to, which is why I created these.


So take some time and reach these goals, I know you will. So when you do, Tweet me (@Midnyghtskie) the jpeg with #WritingGoalMet and I will include a shout out to you including your Twitter handle in my end of the year follow-up blog post.


So what are you waiting for? Go dream, achieve, do! Oh, and don’t forget to share with me what other writing goals for 2014 you have.