Make Time for What Matters

Who has the time?

time for your dreams

You do. We all do, but we like to believe that we don’t because it provides us with a perfectly reasonable excuse to stay within our comfort zone. We can’t challenge ourselves or grow, or fail, if we don’t have the time to put ourselves on that line and try, right? You have to make time for what matters.


I’m going to share a snippet of my life; not to intimidate you, but to show you that if there is a will, there really is a way. I promise you. Monday-Friday I work a standard 9-5 day job. By night I am a freelance marketing assistant to a wonderful published author, Patricia D. Eddy, who has a book launch every 4-6 months (just to give you an idea of her marketing activity). I also work for Booktrope publishing and am the project manager and book marketing manager for two authors. I’m working with them on building their author platform and online presence on top of getting their two books each ready to launch. If that wasn’t enough I’m also about to start writing my second novel and am currently editing my first. I will admit that I don’t have kids, but I am in a committed relationship that still needs nurturing time and I’m still a daughter, a niece, a sister, a friend. Those relationships and life all take time, too.


My point is, I was telling myself before each new endeavor that I didn’t have time to take on something else. Honestly if you saw my planner you would nod your head and agree with me there, but I took the opportunities as they came because they are ones you shouldn’t pass up. Those opportunities that open doors to a future you’ve been dreaming about your entire life.


It’s like that saying for writers, that if you wait for the inspiration to come to you, then you’ll never get writing. That’s the same truth for life. You have to be aggressive in achieving your dreams. Helping authors succeed and reaching my own publishing goals are what I want for myself, and nothing will ever move forward if I don’t give it a sound push. So I’m pushing, and there are times when I question my sanity or can’t sleep at night because deadlines and my to-do list are weighing on my mind and consciousness. But I always have the time, I just need to manage it and dedicate it to my goals. Knowing that I might be closer to them tomorrow or in a year from now sure makes all the craziness right now worth it.


So what are my secrets?


1. Know who you are and what you are capable of. I wouldn’t be juggling if I wasn’t good at it and confident in my ability to be successful. Knowing your limit is a hard lesson you have to learn sometime, and thankfully, I know mine.


2. Every night write down tomorrow’s hot to-do list. We all have a regular to-do list with a million things on it, but if you can’t seem to ever zero it out, than you need to prioritize by making a hot to-do list. I make a weekly to-do list of with my deadlines and tasks and then every night I pick from that what needs to be done the next day. This helps me stay focused and not get side-tracked by something that could have waited.


3. I am a visual learner, so having a giant whiteboard calendar that’s four months visible is a huge help for me. Not only does it let me stay on track of planning campaigns and book launches, it helps me see what’s coming in the following months so I can plug in holes and schedule multiple projects around others without stepping on another one.


4. Coffee, really. Vats of coffee which probably isn’t good for me, but I can think of worse things.


5. Have a support system. This person is not my significant other, but my childhood best friend. If I’m over my head and I know it then I reach out to her because she lets me vent without trying to “fix” it. Men try to fix. It seems like it’s in their DNA or something, but a girlfriend will nod and offer words of encouragement or hand you big a fat glass of wine. That’s what I need mid-meltdown and after, I can shift gears and pick up the pieces. Then I might turn to my significant other and see what ways they can come up with to help me fix.


So the next time something pops up in your life that’s a wonderful opportunity or that story is burning in your mind and begging for you to write it out – go for it. Do it now. Get started today. Because if you put it all aside thinking you don’t have the time now, then you’ll stay that way until you find the time to make it happen.


Next Steps:
1. If you’re a Paranormal Romance/Erotica fan go check out my author and friend, Patricia D. Eddy.


2. If you like writerly tweets or book marketing tips find me on Twitter @Midnyghtskie or on Facebook.


3 thoughts on “Make Time for What Matters

  1. Wow. That snippet of your life just exhausted me. Your organizational skills must be spectacular. Great post.

    • S.K. Wills

      JP, thanks for your comment! Most days it exhausts me too, haha! Since writing it, I’ve added two more authors to manage and publishing my own book – so we’ll see how I fair. Check in with me in a few months, okay? There could be a new post that talks about Margaritas and the beach and who needs responsibility, ha! 😉

  2. Wonderful post! I am going to mention it at tonight’s #StoryDam chat.

    I’m really impressed by your schedule! Wow! I recently revamped my own and I cut a few things out that were draining me rather than pulling me forward. I have to audit my schedule every few months. Seems kinda seasonal for some reason.

    It took me the longest time to learn that tip about making tomorrow’s to-do list before bed. But wow – that has worked wonders for me!

    Oh – having calendars to look at. I love that, too. Great tips! Like I said, I am going to mention this at tonight’s chat. (I am very belatedly making the StoryDam linky rounds. Long story short: my internet & blog were down for 3 days this week – argh!)

    ~Tui Snider, @TuiSnider on Twitter
    …dropping by from the #StoryDam chat weekly blog linky!
    Hope to see you at chat tonight (Thurs 8pmEDT)

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