Welcome to the Book Lovers Blog Hop! All this week you’ll find blog hosts comprised of authors, book bloggers, and publishers ready give you, the readers and fans, a holiday gift! For free! Every day features different blog hosts with new presents, so make sure to come back and click through on the hosts for the day of the week. If you miss a day, you can go back and see if the gifts are still being given, but majority will only be exchanged on the day the blog is listed under. So you don’t miss out, sign up to receive a reminder for the event when it starts each day! click here



Here are the scheduled blogs on their gift exchange day. Stop by these blogs on their day to collect your free presents! Happy Holidays!

Monday, December 15th

S.K. Wills
Meara Platt
Carolyn Ridder Aspenson
Traci Andrighetti
Shay West
Wendy Garfinkle
Barbara Winkes
Jennifer Ray
Cathi Shaw
Inga Kupp-Silberb


Tuesday, December 16th

S.K. Wills
Patricia D. Eddy
M. Homer
PageCurl Publishing and Promotion


Wednesday, December 17th

S.K. Wills
Camela Thompson
Mary Rowen
Patricia Lynne
L.V. Lewis
Dave O’Leary
Tui Snider


Thursday, December 18th

S.K. Wills
Charis Pastor
Ally Bishop
Grace Ravel
Tami Lund


Friday, December 19th

S.K. Wills
Allison Winfield
Brenda Moguez
Eden Connor
Karen Lengestey
Angeline Fortin
Booktrope Publishing
Lisa Acerbo
Deena Remiel
Bev Elle


**BONUS** Saturday, December 20th
Julia Park Tracey

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