This Fairytale Love

SpritesArtworkWho doesn’t want a fairytale love? A tall, dark, and handsome man (for me) who shows you that chivalry isn’t dead. Someone who respects your strengths and encourages your dreams, yet doesn’t overly rescue you because he knows you can handle your own. His kiss leaves you breathless, and if we’re in the movies, with one knee bent, foot in the air. Those are the good, positive highs of a relationship that are frequently highlighted in romance books and movies, but what about the lows? A solid relationship isn’t all glorious all the time (though wouldn’t that be nice?). It’s a lot of hard-work, an extra dose of effort, and some all in, all the time. Maybe that’s why Hannah Rogers, my main character in Starting from Lost, is kind of down on love. In fact, she’s pretty cynical and depressed about the whole thing.

S.K. Wills

It’s not her fault exactly. Jake did dump her on her birthday. The only man she ever loved, the one she thought she’d have a future with. He dumped her on her birthday. Ugh, men. Hannah’s cheery disposition reminds me a lot like Megara from Disney’s Hercules.


Meg is an unofficial princess, but that’s not why she’s so uptight. She sold her soul to save her prince boyfriend who ended up ditching her. Let’s just say she’s a little bitter about men when she meets Hercules, and Hannah is the same when she meets Alex. Both women are too weary of love and how it can break you down to ever fall again…. or are they?


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If you met a partner that was anti-love, what would you do to change their mind? How would you persuade or show them that while relationships are tough, they ARE worth it. That love is worth it. And go! Good luck!
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