Believe in Yourself as a Writer

Yesterday was #Adpit, a Twitter pitch contest of sorts, and as I read the feed and dreamt of my own pitches (coming to a Twitter near you, next year) I felt inspired. Here was a batch of writers who put themselves out there to try and get some interest in their book.

I say who cares if an agent didn’t favorite your pitch. You had a story in your head, sat down and wrote a whole book. Doesn’t it amaze you that you had all those words and ideas in your head? How many people don’t get farther than having a good story idea? How many write a book, then are so terrified that it’s not good enough that they stick it on the shelf. It’s like that scene in Elf (If you haven’t seen the Will Ferrell classic, then I have no words, because it is greatness!). In the scene, while walking around NYC, he spots a sign in the window announcing a diner has won for best cup of coffee (even though it’s just a crappy cup of coffee).

Here it is:

World's best cup of #coffee! #elf #holidaymovies

The point? Look at your gleaming manuscript. Remind yourself that it’s full of heart and soul, and okay – probably some blood, sweat and tears too, but be proud of it again. Be excited that it even exists, that you did it, that it’s here and it’s the best! Believe in it, and believe in yourself as a writer.


4 thoughts on “Believe in Yourself as a Writer

  1. I love this post. It’s a nice reminder to be proud of the writing we do. Even if it’s just finishing a first draft. We did it and should be proud. Finish a round of edits? Hooray!

    PS: I love Elf. Only Christmas movie I like.

    • S.K. Wills

      Exactly! I think once you’ve written a few books you can lose that initial excitement at having written one. Now you focus on quality and can be overly critical, but what about the accomplishment in writing the book to begin with? It’s something writers need to remember. Every piece written is a step forward and a learning opportunity that people who don’t write won’t ever experience. Be proud of that!

      And Elf, come on. It’s amazing! If my boyfriend takes me out (rare these days, four years in!) sometimes I will look at him and go: “I’m in love, I’m in love, and I don’t care who knows it!” He laughs, I laugh. It’s a good time, thanks to that movie.

  2. Good point! Once I get the red pen out and tear into my words, I’m often so critical that I forget to be proud of myself for piling them all into one big heap to begin with. It takes time and determination.

    As for Elf, I love that movie, too! :)

    • S.K. Wills

      I’m heading into that stage now, Tui. And I’m going to try my best to keep up with being proud for getting that far to begin with, haha. Thanks for your comment!

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