You’re Terrific.


I know that already since you’re spending valuable time (there’s never enough, is there?) on my site, reading this. Thank you and welcome!


Let’s talk about you for a moment to see if we can’t connect the meaning behind my tagline, “Romance with Heart. Story with Soul.” If you’re a fan of my books, thank you first of all, but second, you’re after a deeper story. It’s a love story with a slow burn. A more realistic Happy Ever After. You understand that true love is a valuable gift and it’s something that’s earned by putting in the work to make it happen and make it last.


You love characters who are as real to you as your neighbor and your friend are. Those every day people who carry strengths and weakness and are wondrously flawed individuals. They may harbor strong beliefs and dreams and fears similar to those you and I both share. They are lost at one point, and then they find their way, just like we do. They seek their happiness and they earn their Happy Ever After.


No matter how far along you are in finding yours, these books are for you. To inspire you and persuade you to dream and to love. Your dreams and your fairytale ending are waiting for you, you only have to put in the work to get them.


I believe in you.



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