She’s a dreamer. A dream-chaser. A dream-getter.


That’s where writing books all began.


It started at a young age, and with reading. Her grandmas shared a love for books, and no matter which house she visited growing up, S.K. often had to only go as far as the next coffee table to pick up their latest finds. Sometimes, they never put them down, and she had to go as far as to wander to their full bookshelves. She owes, both of them, for turning what many consider just a pastime into her passion.


Her passion grew, and eventually the stories that delighted her began to inspire her. She wanted to craft stories that delighted and inspired others, too. Reading was such a gift to her that she wanted to offer that gift to others. Unfortunately, that dream stalled and faded over time.


S.K.’s grandmas were fanciful. They lived quite happily in the pages of their romance novels. So did S.K., but she was forced to put her dreams of becoming an author on the back-burner to pursue a degree and enter the corporate world. She can’t complain, though. College led her to another love, marketing.


With a degree in PR and concentration in advertising and marketing, S.K. set out with new spins on old dreams. With three years of working experience in advertising, marketing, promotions, branding, content strategy and creation – S.K. has found new ways to love the written word, in all of its beautiful forms.


Today, S.K. splits her time between marketing and promotion as co-founding marketing director of PageCurl Publishing and Promotion, and writing, and she fits in reading often because that’s a love-affair that isn’t ever going to fade. She loves that she gets to weave stories full of romance that might have one day graced her grandma’s tables. STARTING FROM LOST is her debut novel.


2 thoughts on “About S.K. Wills

  1. Hi. It is good to make friends and know someone who is just starting in something new. As for me, I have been hiding for a long time and even though I met a lovely group i still doubted my abilities but this year i decided I will risk it all and make this dream true. I am into self-pub or e-pup.
    My wordpress account is used to just follow but this year I hope I could change that.
    Here’s to new adventures and gaining more experience. Happy 2014.


    • skwills

      Hi Shaz,

      Thanks for your comment! It’s hard not to doubt your own abilities and to trust your talent and pursue what you’re passionate about. Writing towards publication (whether traditionally or self-pubbed is a tough and personal journey full of ups and downs. One of my favorite quotes is by Henry Ford, “Whether you think you can or can’t, you’re right.” Just keeping believing in yourself, and good luck on those 2014 adventures! -SK

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