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Readers, welcome!


Do you know why I enjoy writing and reading romance? I’ll tell you. Because the HEA (happy ever after) gives me all the feels. I’m betting it does the same for you or you wouldn’t be here on my page. All the feels is what I’m after in literature, relationships, even my life. If you don’t feel, you aren’t living. Okay, you might be living, but you aren’t enjoying living.


Which brings me to my next point: happiness is a choice. Now some of you may not agree, but hear me out. I’m not unlike yourself, meaning I suffer tragedies, I have bad days, and you don’t even want to talk to me if I haven’t had my coffee. But I continue to smile, to laugh, and to enjoy the unexpected beauty in small miracles and embrace those silver linings. That’s my choice, and it could also be yours.


So why don’t you stick around for a few? Journey with me through life’s ups and downs and I’ll do my best to share my happy with you. Happiness is infectious, and I intend to pull it out from my every day and share it with you. I’ll do this through my books because I write romance with heart and story with soul. Why? For all the feels, of course!

I’ll also do this through my blog posts and you’ll find a variety of entertainment by searching for these post keywords: #furbabychronicles, #DIYmadness, #bookloversanonymous, #writinglove, #foodiesunite and more that you’ll stumble across if you become or are a frequent reader.


I’ll share quotes and pictures on my social accounts that will (hopefully) make you laugh, make you think, or inspire you. In essence, give you all the feels.


So here’s what I propose: Let’s be friends. I’ll always be real, sometimes raw, and can’t promise to be happy all the time (who can? Those people kind of freak me out to be honest…), but I will always continue to create, seek, and explore my happy in hopes of igniting all the feels. I hope you’ll do the same.